Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Module Details:

"You will be delivering a range of insights which will reflect a global snapshot of rising trends in the generic sense of fashion - luxury, lifestyle, communication, clothing (fashion) and culture, but may include more depth into one aspect, for instance food....."

Primary considerations:
  • A view of the future in terms of market changes
  • new consumer needs and mindsets and their identities
  • Brand relevance in the emerging landscape
At the end of this module i will be able to:
  • Apply predictive changes to existing scenarios
  • formulate value judgements and intelligent assumptions based on found information
  • identify key drivers of change within social environments
  • explain the nature and principles of trend forecasting
  • consolidate networking and connectivity skills
  • apply information obtained from personal public and professional networks
  • respond creatively to research findings
  • synthesise recieved information, with intuitive knowledge
  • interpret forecasting decisions two dimensionally
  • generate a package of 2D forecasting outcomes
  • apply range of technical media

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